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Galvanized steel coils

Product details

Galvanized steel coil, immersing the thin steel plate in the molten zinc bath, and adhering a layer of zinc thin steel plate on the surface, successfully used in industries with stringent requirements for corrosion resistance, durability, strength and appearance, and can be formed or have various coatings applied. Galvanized steel coil has good paint adhesion and weldability.

Product name Zinc coating
Coil weight, tons Standarts Quality
Galvanized steel coil
100 – 250 From 6 to 10 EN 10346 1 class

Delivery and Warranty Terms

Coating class and passivation: MAC / MBC, Cr3 / Cr6
Delivery time from warehouse: within 3-7 days
Production and delivery time in basic parameters: within 2-4 weeks
Production and delivery time on order: within 6-8 weeks
Delivery method: DDP

Application areas

  • In the construction industry: to manufacture structural elements low-rise construction, light steel thin-walled structures, sandwich panels, lining of heat pipelines and various heat insulation, conditioning systems, metal roof shingle, profiled sheeting, culvert pipes, cladding of entry doors, elevators, reinforcement profiles for PVC windows and plastic doors, European-type fasteners for plasterboards
  • In the automotive industry: to manufacture external and internal car body parts, as well as to repair external public transport body parts, eg for buses and trams)
  • In the machine building and instrumentation industries: to manufacture cases for electrical and mechanical equipment, home appliances, metering devices and packin
  • To manufacture houseware (tableware, bowls, buckets, tanks, baths, etc)
  • To manufacture colour-coated (and other type of coating) rolled steel