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Pre-painted galvanized steel coils

Product details

Also known as coated rolled steel coils and color coated steel coils, PPGI are a flat steel product on which protective decorative paint is applied. A polymer coating is available in various colours as well as a matte, lustre or decorative natural finish (granite, wood, etc). Organic coated galvanized steel is corrosion-resistant, has excellent mechanical properties and can be formed, profiled or stamped.

Types of colour-coating: standard polyester, matt polyester, decoprint.

RAL Gloss – 1003, 1015, 3005, 3009, 3011, 5002, 5005, 5010, 6002, 6005, 6029, 7004, 7016, 7024, 7035, 8004, 8017, 8019, 9002, 9003, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9010, 9016

RAL Matt – 3005 , 3009, 3011, 6005, 6020, 7016 , 7024, 8004, 8017, 8019, 9005, 9016

Decoprint – Gold oak (backcoat 8001) , Dark-Gold oak (backcoat 8003), Dark oak (backcoat 8017)

Delivery and Warranty Terms

Products warranty: Zn100/140 – 10 years; Zn 200/225/275 – 15 years
Delivery time from warehouse: within 3-7days
Production and delivery time in basic parameters: within 2-4 weeks
Production and delivery time on order: within 6-8weeks
Delivery terms: DDP

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Application areas

– in the construction industry: to manufacture exterior and Interior products such as metal shingles, corrugated sheeting, sandwich panels, profiles, metallic ceilings, skirting boards, decorative panels inside heated and non- heated rooms, elevators, doors window shutters, shelves etc.
– in the automotive industry: to manufacture external and internal car body parts (car doors, car boots, oil filters, dashboards, windscreen wipers etc.)
– in manufacture of home appliances, furniture, and consumer goods: metallic furniture, lighting equipment, shelves, radiators, сar doors, car boots etc.

Automotive industry

Facade panels


Household appliances

Metal tiles

Non-standart design project

Sandwich panels


Water drainage system

Agricultural machinery